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Riviera Suisse:

Cosmetic meets pharmaceutical brand, biggest family owned pharmaceutical company in Switzerland


Feature products

Face Balm SPF30 PA+++

Face Perfector

Face Skin Control

Face Cleansing Program – Biphasic Fluid, Foam, and Micellar Tonic



One of biggest producer of organic and natural cosmetic worldwide. Certified products by different German and Europe government from independent institutes with 150 award winners.


Feature products

Cleansing Milk 2 in 1

3 in 1 Shower Gel

Wash Lotion Shampoo & Organic Aloe Vera

Anti-Aging Mask Q10



Crevil cosmetics & pharmaceuticals Germany develops, produces and distributes a wide range of modern and up-to-date beauty and pharma products, which are all produced in response to customer demand and which meet German and European industry standards One of the biggest producer of cosmetic, health care, food supplements and medical devices products in Germany. More focusing on mass-markets products, but based on highest quality
High quantity production in 3 different factories and own research centers.


Feature products

Crevil Chamomile Cream Tube

Crevil Intim Wash Lotion

Crevil Kids Shampoo & Showergel Apricot

Jardin Naturel Snail Cream


More coming in 2017-18:

We’re looking for long-term product placement! To optimization the mid-term strategy for brand and product placement, we first implement wide-range of various direct-sale activities. By monitoring sale performances, collecting direct concrete feedbacks from our promoters, sale area managers, trainer, and member we concretize potential and sale strategy for each product categories and products


Based on experiences data of producer comparable countries

Cooperation retailer
Experience and recommendation retailer and partner Thailand, also competitors researched

Product testing
Chosen products 30-50% in small size, portion, sets

Retail testing
Product categories and increasing sizes

Long-term product placement
The best sellers one